Reviews: Gay/Queer Webcomics


Gay Webcomic Reviews; Category: Gay/Queer

These comics are thoughtful or meaningful contributions to queer webcomics, whether they tried to be or not.  Last *updated* 2/20/13.

*new!*The Young Protectors

  • status: actively updating
  • rating: 18+

Summary: A young gay man with fire superpowers is confronted by a sexy older villain- are his come-ons genuine or sinister?

Review: As we’ve seen with Artifice and other yaoi911 projects, we can expect good things from this story, along with a high and consistant level of artwork.  Despite the imprint, I’ve always felt that Yaoi911 titles were very little like yaoi and a lot more like gay-colored industry comics, which I think is fantastic because it comes with a lot less baggage.

*new!*Prince of Cats


  • status: actively updating
  • rating: 16+

Summary: Two teenage boys try to repair their broken relationship after coming out to one another and while preparing for life after highschool.  One…

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